Spirituality is about relationships with something greater than the self (God, Higher Power., truth, love, etc.), the self and other (people, illness, work, addiction, emotions, etc.)

Spiritual Principles for Living with Depression and Suicide Ideation:

Who: The surrender value to something greater than one’s deepest despair.

Return to sanity: a clarity of truth.
Realization of one’s free-will to choose.
Resist what is not of a higher way of being than depression and suicide.
a) Decision: I will live life differently = a “conversion” which means “to turn”.
b) Commitment: or Covenant = a vow to self and other. “I will not entertain negativity
or allow thoughts of suicide!”

Why surrender to Higher Power?: I can’t manage depression or suicide alone and all things of the earth are insufficient to its power.

Awareness: of negative thoughts.
Detach: I am. I am not the thought.
Still the mind: I can quiet my mind through meditation, breath awareness, art, etc.
Center: Conscious contact with God/H.P.
Spiritual Reading: lifts the mind to a higher way of thinking, concepts & things above.
• “Shift“: awareness and action to choose a higher consciousness (God, gratitude, love).
Journaling: without judgement or criticism, journaling discovers the subconscious, the deepest self and hidden grief to mourn.
Social Support from Peers: Sojourners with depression help each other to utilize tools for recovery and spiritual encouragement. (1 – 1, 12-Step Program, group, faith community.)
Purpose & Meaning: life is to discover one’s own unique reason for being.

Sharon Highberger
Certified: Spiritual Director, Chaplain and Thanatologist

Provides: Spiritual Direction (individual & group), presentations, workshops, retreats & consultation.