The will to live… Dec. 22, 2016

This is only for the eyes of those who are experiencing “the holidays” anywhere on the continuum of blues to black (depression).  Beginning with fall as the sun changes its axis and there’s less light, then transgressing into the expectations of “the holidays” move many people into questioning, “How do I get through the holidays?”  Or comments such as, “I hate the holidays!”  There’s a segment of the population who feel pushed to be and feel what they are not.

Even faith communities seem to not address the “winter” people in the pews.  Oh, we “winter people” do try to balance our gloom with the real meaning of the religious season, but we don’t quite succeed.   The “winter” people are the people who just don’t feel it.  It’s sad.  The sad part is that we so want to experience the optimism and joy of the season as so many in our communities.  We just can’t quite bridge the gap.  Then we feel worse; guilty, sad, short-changed.

Hey, we don’t want to be around ourselves and others don’t really want to be around us – maybe.  It’s almost impossible to know what it’s like to live in that gloom space unless you’ve been there.   Just today I ran into a person from my past who is really a sweet and loving person, but today she was saying, “I just don’t want to be around people who are down, or negative, or sad. I want to be around happy people, people with good energy.”

A few thoughts:

Is there some aspect of the sacred season wherein we desire to really look into the eyes of a person and truly see if their eyes are clear and bright or flat and without sparkle?  Can we be more aware of the “winter people” and add a little care?

Could it be the Lord was born into darkness because those that live there might be more in need of a God to attends to them?

Are we missing the whole of life if we only think of the season of Advent’s sweetness without remembering the Easter vinegar?  The gift is the whole.  The gap that doesn’t work is living in the partial choice of all is sweet.   There’s no place for those who live in an otherwise space.

If we walk daily attentive and committed to the grounding of our being in the Constancy of Being, are we less affected by the seasons that come and go, that rise and fall in affect, that separate those who only want to live the sweet from others who only taste the vinegar?

I encourage each to stay within the quiet place within as the preferred space regardless of the season.

I read once that’s it’s good to live life like you and God are the only one’s on the planet.  The thought is grounding.  Eventually, from That, one begins to ease out into the flow – but with a new sense of life having received first.

Then we desire to live The Other Voice.

Then we desire to live The Other Spirit.

Then we desire to live The Other Good.

..and we come back seeing clearly and with deep, deep compassion the “winter people”, even when it’s very, very dark.



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