My 2016 Greatest Discoveries cont’d

The Greatest Achievement: realization that one can transcend

The Greatest Mourning: that one has not loved their God with their whole self; body, mind, heart and soul

The Greatest Decision: to love one’s God with one’s whole self

The Greatest Intention: to comfort others who also mourn

The Greatest Humility: that God came into his own creature trusting – Incarnation

The Greatest Pattern: through processing life one is consumed by love

The Greatest Vulnerability: that one is unable to care for one’s own well-being. We are Dependent

The Greatest Trauma: that one believes one suffers alone, that it is never ending, that it has no purpose

The Greatest Hope: one is accompanied and cared for by Compassion

The Greatest Benevolence: God intends all for good

The Greatest Help: God

The Greatest Prayer: Help!

The Greatest Peace: accepting all as it is believing in its potential for good

The Greatest Mystery: that we come to understand

The Greatest Measure: that which can’t be measured

The Greatest Joy: participating in life through the Source of all life

The Greatest Light: to live through one’s own transparency with no disguise or falsehood

The Greatest Grief: that I am not (this or that, sufficient, etc.)

The Greatest Paradox: that I am not, yet immeasurably Loved and Cared for

Have a Blessed Holiday and Deep Peace Into 2017

One need not leave this world to find the peace they seek.

from Sharon

A special thank-you to my sponsor Nancy who has been there in and through and with… Peace.





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